Use both floors, use your own caterer, bring a DJ or bring a band. This is your event, you chose all the details you need in order to make it truly unforgettable.




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Can I use my own caterer?


Absolutely, this is your event and your choice.  More than welcome to use our dishes, too!  Inform your caterer that he/she will need to present proof of insurance to us and that a refundable $500 security deposit is required two weeks prior to your event to insure proper clean up of the kitchen.

Want recommendations?  Please ask us.

Can I bring in my own liquor?


Sorry, but our license requires that all alcoholic beverages must be purchased and served by us.

We do have several reasonably priced open-bar selections available to you, as well as a cash-bar option.  Bartenders are included in your selection.

Can I use both the main floor and balcony area for my event? 


Yes, both floors are included in the rental fee.  Your guests are not confined to one room or one view.  Enjoy meandering both upstairs and downstairs...perhaps a strolling reception upstairs and dinner/dancing downstairs.

What’s your capacity? 


This depends on size of tables used, DJ location (upstairs or downstairs), desired size of dance floor, selection of food stations, buffet or sit-down dinner, etc.  But, you can count on approximately 20-25 round tables (seating 8-10 people) on the main floor and some 20 tables on the balcony.

How many hours can I have 30 North?

Evening functions must conclude no later than 1:00 a.m. and afternoon functions by 5:00 p.m. We’re happy to work with you on your starting time.

Can I arrange the tables and chairs to my own liking? How many are available for my use?

Sure, use our space layout template and play around with different configurations using round and/or rectangular tables. Here’s what we have:


60” round tables


72” round tables


6’ rectangular tables


8’ rectangular tables




4’x8’ wooden platforms

Can I select my own table linens? How about decorating?

Yes, your table linens should naturally compliment your event or theme. Need vendor suggestions? Please ask us. Given the unique, historic status of our building, all candles must be enclosed. Please see our rental agreement for other requirements.

How are your acoustics?

We’ve hosted a 20-piece orchestra before; and, it was phenomenal! Let your DJ come and test us out. I’m sure you’ll agree.

What about parking?

There are two public lots available to your guests which charge a fee/car parked. However, if you clear your event in advance with the City, the POH gated surface lot is available at no charge. Prefer valet parking? We’ve worked out arrangements with several companies. Please ask us.

Do you have a special relationship with any hotels in the area?

Yes, the Fairfield Inn Marriott on Opdyke Road in Auburn Hills has a special rate for guests of 30 North. Please ask for details.

What’s included in my rental fee?

• 1 Venue Manager available during your entire event
• 2 doormen available during your entire event
• Tables and chairs in our inventory, including set-up to your preferred configuration
• Clean-up of facility (except kitchen)

What’s not included in my rental fee?

• Beverage package
• Parking
• Linens
• Clean-up of kitchen (usually performed by your caterer)

When do I pay what? When do I relay what information to you?

At signing of
rental agreement:

    • 50% of rental fee

Two weeks prior
to your event:

    • Remaining 50% of rental fee
    • Guaranteed number of guests
    • Fee for Beverage package
    • Caterer’s security deposit and proof of insurance



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