With two floors and several rooms, 30 North can accommodate over 1,200 people at once. Please call for a viewing appointment.



“After hearing about 30 North from a close friend of mine, I knew it would be my ideal place for a wedding. Finally, a place where you decorate everything from the furniture to the food all by yourself. It was an amazing experience and if you truly want an unforgettable wedding, look no further than 30 North.”


“The awesome beauty of the building was enough to make ones’ eyes stick out of their head. The columns, the arches, and the architecture in general looks just like something that belongs in ancient Greece or Rome, but at the same time fits perfectly in modern day Pontiac.”


“With plenty of room, and amazing design, 30 North is a wonderful place to hold galas, wedding, banquets, bar mitzvahs, and any other gathering that brings people together to celebrate.”










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